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Gypsy is a romantic movie by Raju Murugan, Tamil director. You can find love, romance, political issues, and communal riots prevailing in society. Its a story of lovers in the time of communal riots.

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Watch Gypsy movie online at Aha OTT. A romantic interreligious movie that rewinds viewers’ memory back to Mani Ratnam’s movie Bombay.

  1. Starring: Jiiva, Nattasha Singh
  2. Director: Raju Murugan
  3. Genre: Romantic drama
  4. Language: Tamil
  5. Format: ( streaming online video)
  6. Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on supported devices
  7. Available on: All including Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Android or iOS devices
  8. Where to watch online: Aha OTT

Look at the romantic road movie” Gypsy” online today

Gypsy is a nomad child of an inter-religious couple who lost his parents in a communal riot in Kashmir that is Indo Pak war.

When he was an infant, he was picked up by a stranger musician called a senior who named and raised him as Gypsy. As an adopted father, senior teaches him what life is all about. Gypsy is a free bird without caste, religion, and community. He is fond of his horse(Che) and music. Travels around India along with Che and senior.

He falls in love with a girl Waheeda of Orthodox Muslim household girl. After looking towards the lifestyle of Gypsy, Waheeda feels that her life lacks freedom. She wants to live with Gypsy, and against the opposition of her father, she still marries Gypsy. The couple elopes to other places to live their life happily. But their survival in society becomes a big question due to inter-religious relationships. The film talks about the politicization of religion and its dangerous fallout.

The movie is attractive with a glimpse of several scenic locations like misty hills, forest, waterfalls of Varanasi, Kashmir, and Kerala. Due to communal clashes, Gypsys’ family was dumped, and his wife left him away to her father. What happens next! How does Gypsy win his wife and son finally? Are  you curious! Then watch Gypsy movie online at Aha OTT. Where you can find exceptional acting of Jiiva gives soul and heart into the character.

Top 5 reasons to watch Gypsy movie online

  1. The movie is message-oriented on social harmony
  2. Innocent people become victims of political Agenda
  3. All holy books teach peace and humanity
  4. Women need protective freedom
  5. Not available to watch free online

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