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Mostly, the universe might shrink as a substitute for experiencing heat dying. The practice careens down a slope, and Superman stops it by grabbing the last automobile and pulling it again up the hill. Like an inconvenient wetland bogging down a tract of land zd for commercial use, we could disassemble Mercury and put its sun-scorched surface in the direction of a greater function. If you consider the writers and animators on Futurama, the end of the universe seems to be too much like the tip of a day in the Magic Kingdom – complete with lovely fireworks. This roughly jibes with concept of the end of the universe, through which all matter and energy become so uniformly spread out it does not interact with itself, making a stasis known as heat death. Professor Farnsworth’s throwaway line, There’s the final proton decaying, is somewhat iffy  in the commst physics models, protons do not decay.

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